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Cabinet Secretary roles regarding water quality

What is the role of the Cabinet Secretary in assuring water quality standards to Kenyans as provided in EMCA Cap 387?

The Cabinet Secretary shall, on the recommendation of NEMA, after consultation with Lead Agencies—
(a) establish criteria and procedures for the measurement of water quality;
(b) recommend to NEMA minimum water quality standards for all the waters of Kenya and for different uses, including—
(i) drinking water;
(ii) water for industrial purposes;
(iii) water for agricultural purposes;
(iv) water for recreational purposes;
(v) water for fisheries and wildlife; and
(vi) for any other prescribed water use;

(c) analyse conditions for the discharge of effluents;
(d) issue guidelines regulations for or the preservation of fishing areas, aquatic areas, water sources and reservoirs and other areas, where water may need special protection;
(e) recommend measures necessary for the treatment of effluents before being discharged into the sewerage system; and
(f) make any other recommendation that may be necessary for the monitoring and control of water pollution.

Ref: EMCA Section 71.1


    What are the deliverables by the Cabinet Secretary regarding water quality as prescribed in EMCA Cap 387?