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Low density polyethylene

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)

Its toughness, flexibility and relative transparency make it good for packaging applications requiring heat-sealing. LDPE has an excellent resistance to acids, bases and vegetable oils.

LDPE is used to make many thin, flexible products like trays; plastic bags for dry-cleaning, newspapers, bread, frozen foods, fresh produce and garbage; general purpose containers; disposable beverage cups; corrosion-resistant work surfaces; snap-on lids; juice and milk cartons; packaging for computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, screen cards, and optical disc drives; playground slides; plastic wraps; garbage bins; thin container lids, squeezable bottles and some toys.

LDPE is recycled into shipping envelopes, garbage can liners, floor tiles, paneling, furniture, compost bins, trashcans, landscape timber and outdoor lumber.


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