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Considerations by NEMA while issuing an effluent discharge license

Considerations prioritized by NEMA prior to issuance of an effluent discharge license.

1. solicit the comments of local authorities concerned and organizations and persons as deemed fit (EMCA Section 75.4a);
2. take into consideration the possible effects of effluents or pollutants to be discharged on the quality of an affected water course or other source of water (EMCA Section 75.4b);
3. take into consideration the existing licenses affecting the concerned water course or other source (EMCA Section 75.4c); and
4. take into consideration the water requirements of riparian residents and ecosystems, human settlements, and agricultural schemes which depend on the affected water course (EMCA Section 75.4d).


    Who are the main stakeholders consulted by NEMA before issuance of an effluent discharge license?