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Role of the Cabinet Secretary

Role of the Cabinet Secretary in conservation of Biological diversity in Kenya as provided in EMCA Cap 387

1. Cabinet Secretary shall, on the advice of NEMA, prescribe measures necessary to ensure the conservation of biological diversity in Kenya both in situ and ex situ
2. On advice of NEMA prescribe measures for the conservation of biological resources ex-situ especially for those species threatened with extinction
3. For in situ conservation of biological resources, the Cabinet Secretary shall issue guidelines for—

a) Land use methods that are compatible with conservation of biological diversity;
b) The selection and management of protected areas so as to promote the conservation of the various terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems under the jurisdiction of Kenya;
c) Selection and management of buffer zones near protected areas;
d) Special arrangements for the protection of species, ecosystems and habitats threatened with extinction;
e) Prohibiting and controlling the introduction of alien species into natural habitats; and
f) Integrating traditional knowledge for the conservation of biological diversity with mainstream scientific knowledge.

4. For ex situ conservation the cabinet secretary shall issue guidelines for the management of—
(i) germplasm banks;
(ii) botanical gardens;
(iii) zoos or aquaria;
(iv) animal orphanages; and
(v) any other facilities recommended to NEMA by any of its Committees or considered necessary by NEMA

5. Ensure that species threatened with extinction which are conserved ex-situ are re-introduced into their native habitats and ecosystems where—
(i) the threat to the species has been terminated; or
(ii) a viable population of the threatened species has been achieved


    What deliverables are expected from the Cabinet Secretary in conservation of biological diversity?