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Guidelines on genetic resources

Provisions of Genetic Resources Management guidelines isssued by the Cabinet Secretary

1. Appropriate arrangements for access to biological resources, genetic resources and ecological services of Kenya by non-citizens, including the issue of licences and fees to be paid for that access;
2. Measures for regulating the import or export of germplasm;
3. The sharing of benefits derived from genetic resources of Kenya;
4. Biosafety measures necessary to regulate biotechnology;
5. Measures necessary to regulate the development, access to and transfer of biotechnology;
6. Measures necessary for the recognition, protection and enhancement of indigenous knowledge and associated practices in the conservation of the environment and natural resources;
7. Measures necessary for the protection of indigenous knowledge of biodiversity and genetic resources of communities; and
8. Any other matter that the Cabinet Secretary considers necessary for the better management of the genetic resources of Kenya.


    What benefits can your local community derive from implementation of the genetic resources management guidelines?