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Access permit - community obligations

Community roles to ensure that access to biodiversity resources is legal

Members of the community are expected to play a role to ensure that access to biodiversity resources is legal. The community members share the same ecosystem with biodiversity being accessed by investors and researchers. They are the custodians of this valuable biodiversity. They are expected to protect and conserve them. When a person enters an area to collect any plants and animals or genetic resources, the community should do the following:
• Demand for the access permit from persons intending to access the genetic resources.
• Check that the access permit is valid.
• Report any cases of illegal access to genetic resources to NEMA or a relevant government agency.
• Demand explanations on what will be accessed by the permit holder.
• Negotiate and agree with the permit holder on how the benefits will be shared.


    What other questions could be asked to holders of a biodiversity access permit?