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Alternatives to polythene bags

Potential alternatives to polythene bags

Potential alternative bags proposed by NEMA Kenya immediately after the polythene bags ban in 2017 includes:-
1. All bags made from non-plastic materials e.g. jute, sisal, Paper, cloth, Papyrus
2. Woven polypropylene plastic bags (gunny bags)
3. Non-woven polypropylene plastic bags (cloth-likebags)
4. Laminated polypropylene bags
5. Polyolefin fibre bags
6. 100% biodegradable bags (starch and cassava bags)

However, it is evident from the list above that some of the prefered alternatives are also made up of plastics. Hence sustainability of these alternatives is questionable.

The following alternatives are listed from the least expensive alternative material to most expensive alternative material.

1. Paper (Recycled)
2. Reusable Plastic
3. Cotton
4. Non-woven polypropylene (PP)
5. Compostable
6. Woven Polypropylene (PP) Bags
7. Jute


    What alternative bags are commonly used within your locality?