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Penalties for polluting water bodies

What are the penalties meted on those found guilty of polluting water bodies as prescribed in EMCA Cap 387?

1. Imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years (EMCA Section 72.1)
2. A fine not exceeding one million shillings (EMCA Section 72.1)
3. Both such imprisonment and fine (EMCA Section 72.1)
4. Pay the cost of the removal of any poison, toxic, noxious or obstructing matter, radioactive waste or other pollutants (EMCA Section 72.2a)
5. Pay the costs of restoration of the damaged environment, which may be incurred by a Government agency or organ in that respect (EMCA Section 72.2a);
6. Pay third parties reparation, cost of restoration, restitution or compensation as may be determined by a court of law on application by such third parties (EMCA Section 72.2b)


    Write down the penalties that a local factory would face if convicted guilty of polluting a local water body.