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Offences related to the NET

Offences related to the National Environment Tribunal

1. Failure to attend the Tribunal after having been required to do so
2. Refusal to take oath or affirmation before the Tribunal
3. Refusal by a public officer to produce any article or document when lawfully required to do so by the Tribunal;
4. Knowingly give false evidence or information which is misleading before the Tribunal;
5. At any sitting of the Tribunal, willfully insult any member or officer of the Tribunal;
6. At any sitting of the Tribunal, willfully interrupt the proceedings
7. At any sitting of the Tribunal, commit any contempt of the Tribunal;
8. Failure or neglect to comply with a decision order, direction or notice confirmed by the Tribunal

Ref: EMCA 1999 Section 127.2


    What kind of offences is one likely to be charged for in relation to the National Environment Tribunal?