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Enhancing corporate image

Ways to enhance corporate image of an environmental agency

• Active social media presence
• Website appearance
• Promote corporate culture - Communicate the institution’s values throughout the company
• Engage the other departments in communicating issues about the institution
• Make employees know the company direction - vision and mission, as well as values of the organization, must be known to all stakeholders and customers.
• Contribute to the community - Find ways to give back to community through for instance fund-raising, campaigns, donations, membership in socio-civic groups, partnership with appropriate firms doing similar initiatives.
• Get your brand known through sponsoring events, submittting articles to major publications, marketing campaign, and if appropriate being a guest on radio and TV.
• Speak to people about what you do through holding talks and informative sessions to get people acquainted with the brand and services.
• Attend networking events, learn to share and listen to what others do, join forums where you can interact with your peers, customers, competitors.


    Explain how a named local institution enhances its corporate image. In which areas do you recommend improvement?