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Role of NEMA

Role of NEMA in administration of the Deposit Bonds

1. The Authority shall create a register of those activities and industrial plants and undertakings which have or are most likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment when operated in a manner that is not in conformity with good environmental practices.
2. Refund the deposit bond to the operator of the activity, industrial plant or any other undertaking after such duration not exceeding six months without interest where the operator has observed good environmental practices to the satisfaction of NEMA.
3. After giving the operator an opportunity to be heard, confiscate a deposit bond where the operator is responsible for environmental practice that is in breach of the provisions of EMCA Cap 387,
4. Cancel any license issued to the operator under EMCA Cap 387 if NEMA is satisfied that the operator has become a habitual offender
5. Ensure that the proceeds of every refundable deposit bond levied are paid into the Restoration Fund and shall be treated as part of the Restoration Fund until refunded to the depositor or confiscated by NEMA.
6. Utilize any interest accruing from monies deposited into the Restoration Fund


    Identify activities within your locality that should participate in the deposit bond system.