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Coastal survey report

Contents of the survey of the coastal zone as provided in EMCA Cap 387

1. An inventory of all structures, roads, excavations, harbours, outfalls, dumping sites and other works located in the coastal zone;
2. An inventory of the state of the coral reefs, mangroves and marshes found within the coastal zone;
3. An inventory of all areas within the coastal zone of scenic value or of value for recreational and cultural purposes;
4. An inventory of areas within the coastal zone of special value for research in respect of fisheries, erosion, littorals movement and such other similar subjects;
5. An estimate of the quantities of sand, coral sea shells and other substances being removed from the coastal zone;
6. An estimate of the impacts of erosion on the coastal zone;
7. An estimate of the extent, nature, cause and sources of coastal pollution and degradation;
8. An estimate of freshwater resources available in the coastal zone; and
9. Any other relevant data or information that may be deemed appropriate.

Ref: EMCA Section 55.4


    Draw an artwork to show coastal areas where data for the coastal survey report will be obtained.