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How the National Environment Tribunal operates

How does the National Environment Tribunal in Kenya operate?

(1) The Tribunal shall not be bound by the rules of evidence as set out in Evidence Act (Cap. 80).
(2) The Tribunal shall, upon an appeal made to it in writing by any party or a referral made to it by NEMA on any matter relating to EMCA Cap 387, inquire into the matter and make an award, give directions, make orders or make decisions thereon, and every award, direction, order or decision made shall be notified by the Tribunal to the parties concerned, NEMA or any relevant committee thereof, as the case may be.
(3) The Tribunal shall sit at such times and in such places as it may appoint.
(4) The proceedings of the Tribunal shall be open to the public save where the Tribunal, for good cause, otherwise directs.
(5) Except as expressly provided in EMCA 1999 or any regulations made thereunder, the Tribunal shall regulate its proceedings as it deems fit.
(6) Any person who is a party to the proceedings before the Tribunal may appear in person or be represented by an Advocate.

Ref: EMCA 1999 Section 126


    How does the National Environment Tribunal in Kenya operate?