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Prohibitions on waste management

Prohibitions provided by EMCA Cap 387 with regard to dangerous handling and disposal of wastes

(1) No person shall discharge or dispose of any wastes, whether generated within or outside Kenya, in such manner as to cause pollution to the environment or ill health to any person (EMCA Section 87.1).
(2) No person shall transport any waste other than—

(a) in accordance with a valid license to transport wastes issued by NEMA (EMCA Section 87.2a)
(b) to a wastes disposal site established in accordance with a license issued by NEMA (EMCA Section 87.2b)
(3) No person shall operate a wastes disposal site or plant without a license issued by NEMA (EMCA Section 87.3)
(4) Every person whose activities generate wastes shall employ measures essential to minimize wastes through treatment, reclamation and recycling (EMCA Section 87.4).


    What advice would you give to a local factory to comply with EMCA Cap 387 with regard to waste management?