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Directives in an environmental restoration order

Why is an environmental restoration order from NEMA such a powerful tool in environmental management?

An environmental restoration order may require a person on whom it is served to—
(a) take such action as will prevent the commencement or continuation or cause of pollution;
(b) restore land, including the replacement of soil, the replanting of trees and other flora
(c) restore outstanding geological, archaeological or historical features of the land or the area contiguous to the land or sea as may be specified in the particular order;
(d) take such action to prevent the commencement or continuation or cause of environmental hazard;
(e) cease to take any action which is causing or may contribute to causing pollution or an environmental hazard;
(f) remove or alleviate any injury to land or the environment or to the amenities of the area;
(g) prevent damage to the land or the environment, aquifers beneath the land and flora and fauna on land or sea
(h) remove any waste or refuse deposited on the land or sea specified in the order and dispose of the same in accordance with the provisions of the order;
(i) pay any compensation specified in the order.

Ref: EMCA Section 108.4


    Why are restoration orders important in environmental management?