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Roles of NEMA

Role of NEMA with regard to EIA

1. Authorize and license experts to undertake EIA (EMCA section 58.5)
2. issue an environmental impact assessment license on such terms and conditions as may be appropriate and necessary to facilitate sustainable development and sound environmental management (EMCA section 63).
3. Maintain a register of experts authorized to carry out EIA studies (EMCA section 58.5)
4. Respond to the applications for environmental impact assessment license within three months (EMCA section 58.8).
5. Cause the project details to be published in the Gazette and in at least two newspapers circulating in the area or proposed area of the project to inform the general public (EMCA section 59.1)
6. Publish a summary of the EIA study report on NEMA’s website (EMCA section 59.2)
7. May set up a technical advisory committee to advise it on environmental impact assessment related reports (EMCA section 61)
8. Director-General shall prescribe the terms of reference and rules of procedure for the technical advisory committee (EMCA section 61)
9. May require any proponent of a project to carry out at his own expense further evaluation or environmental impact assessment study, review or submit additional information for the purposes of ensuring that the environmental impact assessment study, review or evaluation report is as accurate and exhaustive as possible (EMCA section 62).
10. Receive written notification of transfer of EIA licenses drafted jointly by old and new owners of facilities (EMCA section 65)
11. Cancels, revoke or suspends an EIA license (EMCA section 67.1)
12. Maintain a register of all environmental impact assessment licenses issued (EMCA section 67.3)
13. Allow members of the public to view register of licenses issued after payment of the prescribed fee (EMCA section 67.3)


    What are the deliverables expected from NEMA with regard to EIA?