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Roles of NEMA in protection against radiation pollution

Roles played by NEMA in controlling Radiation pollution in Kenya

(a) inspect and examine any area, place or premises or any vehicle, vessel, boat or any carrier of any description in or upon which NEMA has reasonable cause to believe that radioactive material or any source of ionizing radiation is stored, used, transported or disposed of;
(b) examine any person with respect to matters under this Act, where there is reasonable cause to believe that that person is contaminated with radioactive material, or is in unlawful possession of an ionizing radiation source;
(c) in collaboration with the Radiation Protection Board, conduct an ionizing radiation monitoring programme and advise on ionizing and radiation control and protection measures;
(d) maintain records of release of radioactive contaminants into the environment;
(e) keep records of baseline data on radiation in the environment;
(f) maintain a register of all radioactive substances imported into Kenya; and
(g) do all such things as may be necessary for the monitoring and control of pollution from radiation.

Ref: EMCA Section 104.2


    What are the deliverables by NEMA regarding controlling radiation pollution in Kenya?