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Effluent discharge licensing procedure

Process of acquiring an effluent discharge license from NEMA

1. Ensure the company submits an annual audit report to NEMA as required by EMCA Cap 387
2. Fill the application for an effluent discharge license in the prescribed form (EMCA Section 75.3)
3. Pay the prescribed fee (EMCA Section 75.3).
4. NEMA to solicit comments from other lead agencies and persons (EMCA Section 75.4a)
5. NEMA makes a decision to accept or reject the application
6. Where NEMA rejects an application for the grant of an effluent discharge license, it shall within twenty one days notify the applicant of its decision and state in writing its reasons for so rejecting the application (EMCA Section 75.5)


    Describe the process that a company goes through to get an effluent discharge license from NEMA.