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Differences between EIA and SEA

Differences between Strategic Environmental Assessment(SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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1. Applied to plans/ strategies/ concepts/ policies and programmes
2. Proactive/upstream/early in decision making
3. Medium to long term influence
4. Continuous and iterative
5. Broad range of alternatives/ larger boundaries (time and scale)
6. Early warning of cumulative and indirect impacts
7. Strategic/conceptual
8. Macro scale
9. More qualitative
10. More uncertainty


1. Applied to projects
2. Low in decision making hierarchy/ reactive
3. Short to – medium term influence
4. Well defined process/ linear
5. Limited alternatives/small area
6. Limited view of synergistic and cumulative impacts
7. Operational
8. Micro scale
9. More quantitative
10. More certainty


    Identify local development activities that should undergo:-
    1. SEA
    2. EIA.