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Restoration Fund versus National Environment Trust Fund

Camparison between Restoration Fund and National Environment Trust Fund

1. Sources of funds

Restoration Fund shall consist ofโ€”
(a) such proportion of fees or deposit bonds as may be determined by the Authority from time to time;
(b) such sums as may be donated or levied from industries and other projects proponents as a contribution towards the Restoration Fund.

NETF gets its funds from
a) donations, endowments, grants and gifts from whatever source and specifically designated for the Trust Fund;
b) such sums of money or other assets as may be specifically designated to the Trust Fund by NEMA out of its general fund

2. Fund administration

NETF โ€“ Funds administered by a board comprising of 5 trustees
Restoration Fund โ€“ Administered by the Director General of NEMA

3. Use of the funds

NETF โ€“ Funds used to facilitate research intended to further the requirements of environmental management, capacity building, environmental awards, environmental publications, scholarships and grants.
Restoration Funds - serves as supplementary insurance for the mitigation of environmental degradation where the perpetrator is not identifiable or where exceptional circumstances require the Authority to intervene towards the control or mitigation of environmental degradation

4. Autonomy

NETF - body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal and may, in its corporate name, sue and be sued
Restoration Fund - Vested in NEMA Question

    Identify activities within your locality that should from the Restoration Fund / National Environment Trust Fund.