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Composition of County Environment Committees

Composition of the County Environment Committees

Every County Environment Committee shall consist of —
1. the member of the county executive committee in charge of environmental matters who shall be the chairperson;
2. County Environment Director of NEMA whose area of jurisdiction falls wholly or partially within the county who shall be the Secretary to the County Environmental Committee;
3. one representative for each of the Ministries responsible for the matters specified in the First Schedule at the county level. The ministries are Agriculture, Economic Planning and Development, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Fisheries, Foreign Affairs, Health, Industry, Law or Law Enforcement, Local Government, Natural Resources, Public Administration, Public Works, Research and Technology, Tourism, Water Resources.
4. two representatives of farmers or pastoralists within the county to be appointed by the Governor;
5. two representatives of the business community operating within the concerned county appointed by the Governor;
6. two representatives of the public benefits organizations engaged in environmental management programmes within the county appointed by the Governor in consultation with the National Federation of Public Benefit Organizations; and
7. a representative of every regional development authority whose area of jurisdiction falls wholly or partially within the county.


    Comment on the local representation of your local community in the County Environment Committee.