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Manage dumpsites

Ten minimum points that NEMA is implementing with counties in order to tackle the solid waste menace

• Ensure that the waste collection areas are zoned
• Ensure timely and regular collection of all solid wastes either through door to door collection or from centralized collection points
• Ensure waste collection facilities such as skips, bulk containers and waste cubicles are regularly emptied and do not become eye-sores
• Ensure that all the collected waste is transported using NEMA licensed vehicles to designated disposal sites
• Ensure there is a designated site(s) for waste disposal
• Ensure that the disposal site is secured with a fence and a gate manned by a county government official to control dumping and spread of waste outside the disposal site
• Ensure all incoming waste is weighed or estimated and the quantities recorded in tonnes
• Develop and maintain motor able roads inside the site to ensure ease of access during disposal
• Ensure that waste is spread, covered and compacted at regular intervals
• Put in place appropriate control measures for the management of dumpsite fires
• Enhance security and control of the disposal sites so that all illegal activities are contained


    What should be done within your locality to ensure that waste is managed properly?