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Role of NEMA in biodiversity conservation

Role of NEMA in conservation of Biological diversity in Kenya as provided in EMCA Cap 387

1. Identify, prepare and maintain an inventory of biological diversity of Kenya;
2. Determine which components of biological diversity are endangered, rare or threatened with extinction;
3. Identify potential threats to biological diversity and devise measures to remove or arrest their effects;
4. Undertake measures intended to integrate the conservation and sustainable utilisation ethic in relation to biological diversity in existing government activities and activities by private persons;
5. Specify national strategies, plans and government programmes for conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity;
6. Protect indigenous property rights of local communities in respect of biological diversity
7. Measure the value of unexploited natural resources in terms of watershed protection, influences on climate, cultural and aesthetic value, as well as actual and potential genetic value thereof
8. Advice the Cabinet Secretary on measures necessary to ensure the conservation of biological diversity in Kenya


    What deliverables are expected from NEMA in conservation of biological diversity?