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Contents of an environmental restoration order

Contents of an environmental restoration order

An environmental restoration order specifies clearly and in a manner which may be easily understood—
(a) the activity to which it relates;
(b) the person or persons to whom it is addressed;
(c) the time at which it comes into effect;
(d) the action which must be taken to remedy the harm to the environment and the time, being not more than thirty days or such further period as may be prescribed in the order within which the action must be taken;
(e) the powers of NEMA to enter any land and undertake the action specified
(f) the penalties which may be imposed if the action specified is not undertaken;
(g) the right of the person served with an environmental restoration order to appeal to the Tribunal against that order, except where the order is issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, in which case the right of appeal shall lie with superior courts.

Ref: EMCA Section 109.1


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