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NEAP enforcement

How NEMA enforces compliance to National and County Environment Action Plans

1. NEMA shall monitor compliance with the national and county environmental action plans
2. NEMA may take any steps or make any inquiries that it may consider necessary in order to determine if the plans are being complied with.
3. If an inquiry is made and NEMA is of the opinion that a plan is not substantially being complied with, NEMA shall serve a written notice to the organ concerned, calling on it to take such specified steps as NEMA may consider necessary to remedy noncompliance.

Within thirty days of the receipt of the notice, the organ shall respond to the notice in writing setting out any —

(a) objections to the notice, if any;
(b) the action that will be taken to ensure compliance with the respective plan; or
(c) other information that the organ considers relevant to the notice.

(4) After considering the representations from the organ and any other relevant information, NEMA shall within thirty days of receiving the response issue a final notice —

(a) to confirm, amend or cancel the notice mentioned above
(b) to specify any action and a time period within which such action shall be taken to remedy non-compliance


    What are the deliverables of enforcement action by NEMA on environmental action planning?