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Plastics repair

Reparing plastics

Repairing is the practice of getting damaged or broken product’s components back to a useful state. Circular-oriented companies allow customers to get damaged goods repaired.

Repairing is to recondition a part or an object by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing the parts which are specifically worn or broken. Anything which is serviceable, even if it is not optimal or is used, will be left in the product provided it fits within the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits. Therefore, after rebuilding, some of the components could be new but others far older.

Some applications such as iFixit apps help provide easy-to-follow online guidelines for self-repairing of damaged items. Circular economy oriented firms focusing on repair activities are able to continue being profitable by exploiting their marketing and branding knowledge to increase market share and generate customer loyalty in the face of premium pricing (Bocken and Short 2015).

There are many plastic items such as in HDPE that are discarded because of simple cracks which can be repaired. One could repair broken plastics and resell them at a slightly lower price. This helps reduce plastics disposal in the environment.

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    What plastics could be repaired in your vicinity?