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Roles of the Cabinet Secretary in handling hazardous waste.

Roles played by the Cabinet Secretary in handling of toxic and hazardous materials in Kenya

The Cabinet Secretary may, on the advise of NEMA make regulations prescribing the procedure and criteria for—

(a) classification of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials in accordance with their toxicity and the hazard they present to the human health and to the environment;
(b) registration of chemicals and materials;
(c) labelling of chemicals and materials;
(d) packaging for chemicals and materials;
(e) advertising of chemicals and materials;
(f) control of imports and exports of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials permitted to be so imported or exported;
(g) distribution, storage, transportation and handling of chemicals and materials;
(h) monitoring of the effect of chemicals and their residue on human health and the environment;
(i) disposal of expired and surplus chemicals and materials;
(j) restriction and banning of toxic and hazardous substances and energy.

Ref: EMCA Section 92


    What are the deliverables by the Cabinet Secretary regarding hazardous waste management in Kenya?