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NEAP provisions

Provisions of the National Environment Action Plan

The national environment action plan shall—
1. contain an analysis of the natural resources of Kenya with an indication as to any pattern of change in their distribution and quantity over time;
2. contain an analytical profile of the various uses and value of the natural resources incorporating considerations of intragenerational equity;
3. recommend appropriate legal and fiscal incentives that may be used to encourage the business community to incorporate environmental requirements into their planning and operational processes;
4. recommend methods for building national awareness through environmental education on the importance of sustainable use of the environment and natural resources for national development;
5. set out operational guidelines for the planning and management of the environment and natural resources;
6. identify actual or likely problems as may affect the natural resources and the broader environment context in which they exist;
7. identify and appraise trends in the development of urban and rural settlements, their impacts on the environment, and strategies for the amelioration of their negative impacts;
8. propose guidelines for the integration of standards of environmental protection into development planning and management;
9. identify and recommend policy and legislative approaches for preventing, controlling or mitigating specific as well as general adverse impacts on the environment;
10. prioritise areas of environmental research and outline methods of using such research findings;
11. take into account and record all monuments and protected areas declared or deemed to have been declared by the Cabinet Secretary under the National Museums and Heritage Act;
12. without prejudice to the foregoing, be reviewed and modified from time to time to incorporate emerging knowledge and realities; and
13. be binding on all persons and all government departments, agencies, state corporations or other organs of Government upon adoption by the National Assembly


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