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Role of NEMA in implementation of MEAs

Role of NEMA in implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Where Kenya is a party to an international treaty, convention or agreement, whether bilateral or multilateral, concerning the management of the environment, NEMA shall, subject to the Treaty Making and Ratification Act

1. Initiate legislative proposals for consideration by the Attorney-General, for purposes of giving effect to such treaty, convention or agreement in Kenya or for enabling Kenya to perform her obligations or exercise her rights under such treaty, convention or agreement
2. Identify other appropriate measures necessary for the national implementation of such treaty, convention or agreement.
3. Keep a register of all international treaties, agreements or conventions in the field of the environment to which Kenya is a party.

Ref: EMCA 1999 Section 124


    What are the deliverables expected from NEMA with regard to implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements?