Renewal for waste transportation license

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

For one to be allowed to transport waste in Kenya, he/she needs a license from NEMA. The application for waste transportation license is discussed in great detail on this link
Waste transportation licenses are to be renewed annually. The process of renewal for waste transportation licenses is less elaborate since much of the proponent’s information is already captured in NEMA’s database. However, the application has to be done online and attach the documents highlighted in the checklist below.
Checklist for renewal of waste transportation license
1. Dully filled application/renewal form for transportation of waste
2. Application fee of Kshs 3,000 for late application i.e. application reaching NEMA after expiry date of your license
3. Deposit slip of the annual renewal license fee of Ksh 5,000
4. Copy of legal lease agreement if the previous one has expired
5. Valid copy of motor vehicle inspection report
6. Valid copy of driver’s license
7. Valid copy of certificate of insurance
8. Valid copy of contract with NEMA licensed treatment/ disposal facilities/sites
9. Dully filled, serialized used tracking document with section C stamped and signed by the disposal facility/site
How long does it take to process a renewal license?
The processing timelines remain the same as for a new application.
The charges for waste license renewal are as follows
Renewal license – Ksh 5000
Note that there is no application fee when one is renewing the license since this was already done in the first application. However, a late renewal of the license attracts a penalty of Ksh 3000.

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