About Us

Mazingira Safi promotes responsible environmental stewardship. We explore different aspects of environment providing you with latest updates on what is being done by diverse stakeholders. In addition, we simplify and arrange environmental content to enable you learn in a self paced, life long experience. Our long term goal is to promote behaviour change to sustain our earth, maintain its productivity and improve the lives of all humanity.

Our mission is to provide the best of environmental information and learning to promote transformative behaviour change and improvement of environmental quality, social relationships and economic well being of humanity.



We are committed to the following:-

  1. Transformation and change – by equipping people with skills, capacity and motivation to plan and manage change towards sustainability within the organization, industry or community.
  2. Education for all and lifelong learning – promoting learning that includes people of all ages and backgrounds within all possible learning spaces, formal and informal, in schools, workplaces, home and communities.
  3. Systems thinking – equip people to understand connections between environmental, economic, social and political systems.
  4. Envisioning a better future – engage people in developing a shared vision for a sustainable future.
  5. Critical thinking and reflection – valuing the capacity of individuals and groups to reflect on personal experiences and world views and to challenge accepted ways of interpreting and engaging with the world.
  6. Participation – recognize participation as critical for engaging groups and individuals in sustainability.
  7. Partnerships for change – use of partnerships to build networks and relationships to improve communication between different sectors of society.