World Elephant Day

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Dr Ayub Macharia
African elephant

African elephant

The World Elephant Day is celebrated every 12th August. The World Elephant Day was founded by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation based in Thailand in collaboration with a Canadian film-maker Patricia Sims. The aim of the day is to express our love for elephants and create awareness of the threats to their future ranging from poaching, habitat degradation and human-wildlife conflict. The day was first marked on 12th August 2012 to draw attention of the plight of Asian and African elephants.
Elephants are huge in size and very intelligent. Every sight of an elephant draws a lot of curiosity and is a creature worth admiring. We cannot afford to see the extinction of this creature. Everybody needs to do something to save the elephants.
The day is meant to let people experience elephants in a non-exploitive manner. Our actions can contribute to sustainable environments where elephants can thrive under care and protection. We can champion for resource mobilization especially donations to charities working for survival of elephants.
Suggested activities

  1. Visit a national park and enjoy seeing elephants.
  2. Watch a movie on elephants.
  3. Organize for a debate on elephants and the challenges facing their conservation.
  4. Undertake activities to address challenges facing elephants in your locality.
  5. Write articles on elephants and share through electronic and print media.
  6. Compose songs, skits and poems on elephants.
  7. Share your experiences on how you celebrated World Elephant Day on this blog.

For more assistance please contact
Kenya Wildlife Service
Africa Wildlife Foundation
Wolrd Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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