Waste management

Every Kenyan generates 0.5 kgs of waste per day. How much waste is generated by our current population?

We can extract many valuables from waste and is thus an entrepreneurship opportunity. Here below, learn more about a practical intervention to turn waste to wealth. 

The Sustainable Waste Management Act 2022 directs that every waste generator shall:-

  1. Segregate waste at source (section 20)
  2. Non-hazardous waste to be segregated into organic and inorganic fractions (section 12)
  3. Segregated waste shall be placed in properly labeled and color coded receptacles, bins, containers and bags (section 12).
  4. Segregated waste to be disposed to licensed waste service providers or at collection points designated by the County Government or NEMA (section 20). Waste Service Providers to take waste to Material Recovery Facilities (Section 21)
  5. Failure to segregate waste at source or not to engage a waste service provider is an offence and if convicted will lead to a fine not exceeding Kshs 20,000 or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both (section 20).

A “materials recovery facility” (MRF) means a specialized facility that receives, separates and prepares recyclable material for marketing to end user manufacturers. 

TechIntellilight Company has partnered with Debbys Enterprise to implement a “Mazingirasafi” (clean environment) initiative as an entrepreneurial circular economy venture.   We operate a Waste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at Juja where we promote circular economy in waste management.  We have trucks licensed by NEMA to transport garbage.

We partner with residents of Kenyatta Road Estate in Juja to ensure appropriate sensitization, proper sorting and appropriate disposal of waste. We transport sorted waste from point of generation to the MRF for further sorting to recover valuables for recycling.

We employ diverse technologies to recover and upcycle organic waste, which include aerobic biodegradation and use of organic waste feeders such as Black Soldier flies and red worms (wrigglers). We generate high value organic fertilizer, which we sell to farmers to enrich their soils for enhanced agriculture. We also harvest the black soldier flies larva and sell it to manufacturers to supplement protein content in animal feeds.

Recovery of these valuables from waste helps to mitigate green house gases from the atmosphere and hence contribute to addressing climate change.

Company History

TechIntellilight Limited was established in 2018 as an Information Technology Company dealing with software development. With time, the company noticed the challenge posed by disposal of obsolete computers and other electronic equipment and slowly diversified into waste management. The Company has also ventured into development of software solutions to manage waste flow logistics.

Debbys Enterprise was established in 2019 with interests in offering solutions to the building and construction sector. Since the sector generates a lot of waste, the company ventured into waste management encouraging clients to return products and packaging for appropriate disposal. This prompted the need for a partnership with TechIntellilight Limited to enhance appropriate
waste management.


A zero waste circular economy for wealth and job creation and sustainable environment.



     To employ appropriate waste management interventions for a clean and safe environment and        creation of clean jobs to Kenyans.


1. To create a full waste & recycling company focussed on circular economy and sustainability
2. To work with customers and recycling firms to divert wastes from dumpsites/landfills
3. To develop innovative technologies focussed on waste management & recycling

Our core values

1. Environmental sustainability
2. Service with integrity
3. Innovation and creativity
4. Respect for humanity
5. Efficiency & effectiveness
6. Dependability


Our customers and services


We serve different clients including Residential Estates, Corporates, Government Institutions,
 Learning institutions, Commercial enterprises, SMEs, NGOs, CBOs, etc.

We develop products and offer the following services to foster sustainable development:-

  1. Garbage collection; transportation; sorting; disposal;
  2. Buy sorted recyclables;
  3. Value addition from waste (sorting, flaking, re-use);
  4. Providing waste containers and liner bags to our customers;
  5. Organic waste composting using Black Soldier Flies;
  6. Construction of small scale waste management infrastructure
  7. Training on waste management and circular economy;
  8. Technical guidance on establishing and managing MRFs; Black soldier fly farming.

Some of the residential houses within Kenyatta Road Estate that have engaged us for waste collection includes:-

  1. Serena Court
  2. Muthama Court
  3. Ruben Appartments
  4. Petcare Appartments
  5. Thewella Appartments
  6. Mizpah Flats
  7. Jane Appartments

Some of the institutions whose teams have visited and learnt about circular approaches in waste management in our MRF includes:-

  1. County Government of Kiambu.
  2. Kiambu Waste Management Association (KIWAMA).
  3. Hand in Hand Eastern Africa

We develop and sell the following products from waste:-

  1. Valuable synthetics extracted from garbage (plastics, paper, tins, light metals, glass, etc) for recycling;
  2. Organic fertilizer;
  3. Black soldier fly (BSF) eggs, larva and dried protein for animal (poultry, pig and fish) feeds;
  4. Small scale urban farms using reused containers

We invite you to allow us collect your waste or to develop your team’s capacity on circular approaches to waste management. Our contacts are as listed below

Telephone: +254777894938; +254102189568; +254724165115; +254722728572; 

Email: techintellilight854@gmail.com; info@mazingirasafi.com

Website: www.mazingirasafi.com

Twitter: @mazingirasafe

Facebook: @mazingirasafe