Waste transportation as an enterprise

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Dr Ayub Macharia

The urban centres of this country generate a lot of waste. For more details on urban waste status, kindly read from this link.
The waste provides a business opportunity for waste transportation. If you have a covered truck, consider engaging in waste transportation through guidance from NEMA.
To become a waste transporter is easy. Select the area where you will collect your waste either residential or industry. For one to arrive at this, undertake a scan of the market to ensure that you invest in an area with most profit. Once you have made a decision on the area and type of waste to engage in, the next step is to fulfill the requirements of NEMA as provided in the checklist below.
Transport checklist for new applicants
1. Attach application fee receipt/bank slip
2. Provide copy of certificate of company registration /incorporation (if applying as a company)
3. Give the PIN number and attach the PIN certificate
4. Provide a copy of the vehicle logbook
5. State type of vehicle
6. Provide two photographs of the vehicle, front view and side/rearview showing the vehicle is appropriately labeled
7. Submit copy of valid insurance certificate
8. Submit copy of vehicle inspection unit report
9. Submit a valid copy of driver’s license
10. Indicate amount of waste to be transported
11. State type of waste to be transported
12. Indicate whether the disposal site is licensed by NEMA
13. Provide authority to collect waste / garbage from the relevant local authority or other lead agency showing allocated areas of operation or attach copy of contract/authority with the waste disposal site operator
14. Provide a sample tracking documents with company logo in NEMA prescribed format
15. Provide name, designation and signature of contact person
16. Put the official company stamp on application form
NB: If you are applying online, item 15 and 16 does not apply.
Where do you submit your application?
Applications for waste transportation are submitted either at the NEMA HQ or at county level. The county receives applications for
1. Domestic garbage transportation
2. Exhausters to transport sewage from septic tanks
All other waste transportation applications are processed at NEMA HQ. These include transportation of plastics, paper, scrap metal, medical waste, electronic waste etc.
How does one apply for a waste transportation license?
All applications for transportation of garbage and sewage at the Counties is done using hard copies. Hence all information on the checklist above must be provided to support the application.
For other applications processed at the NEMA HQ, application is done online through this link. If you are a new user of this portal, you will be prompted to fill in your details. Once you have filled all the fields, click the Submit button. The site will request you to wait for between 1-2 hours to be issued with a username and password by the NEMA licensing desk. This will be done using your email address, which you filled in the application form.
In case of any challenges during the application process, please feel free to consult NEMA through the incident and hotline telephone numbers 0786101100, 0704846019
How long does it take to process a waste transportation license?
Once the application is lodged at NEMA, the NEMA inspectors review and make a decision on the application. The process is scheduled to take a maximum of 21 days but normally takes fewer days.
The charges for waste transportation license are as follows
Application – Ksh 3000
Renewal license – Ksh 5000
Learn more about renewal of waste transportation license on this link

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