It's about Jesus Christ

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

The gospel is not about us, but Jesus Christ
Preachers and believers only proclaim Christ
Salvation cannot be found anywhere else, but in Jesus Christ (2Cor 4:1-7)
Jesus Christ is the image of our invisible, living God
He died for us, carried our sins away
Eternal life hinge on the blood of Christ
No one can get eternal life but through Jesus
We are Christ servants
Our mandate is to tell others about the love of Christ
Telling people what He is capable of doing
We should not commend ourselves but Jesus Christ
We do not take pride about the many followers
All power and honor belong to Christ
When we uphold His name, He pulls many to Himself
Jesus was there from the beginning
Jesus knew his roadmap and milestones to save the world
Jesus sat in the heavenly panel that decided to create man
He knew man would sin, that the devil was there
When man was made, rulership was given to him, not to satan
We must therefore give honor to Christ
He is the only hope for sinners
Satan wants to separate us from God
The God we know and believe in
So that God could leave us and satan would have his way
Jesus is the way to heaven
He is the bridge connecting us to God
We cannot reach heaven if not through him
Great names are given to some people on earth,
Great earthly names are inconsequential without Jesus
There is no other name above that of Jesus (Phil 2:9)
You need Jesus to make your name great
We need Jesus more than anything else
Believe in your heart, confess with your mouth and you will be saved
Confession is about Jesus and what he is able to do
We need to call His name when in need of anything
The blind will see, deaf will hear, sick will be healed, sinners will be saved
We need to speak about Jesus in everything we do, as our first action
We alone cannot make it,
With Jesus everything is possible

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