Since petrol is expensive, try an electric car

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Dr Ayub Macharia

It is fashionable to own a car especially among the middle and upper class citizens. The taste has changed further to an extent that many families have more than one car. With multiple vehicles, members of the family have invested in eliminating any inconveniences that may hinder them from achieving their daily targets. With convenient transport, one can comfortably reach many places in a day. However, this convenience come with a cost. The price of petrol has been increasing steadily over the years. The budget for commuting has been on the rise and this makes some people to use public transport sometimes, experiencing the inconveniences that go with this mode.
It is appreciable that families are ready to invest in buying the hardware, the only challenge being the recurrent costs of running a vehicle. There is a solution available now which you can consider, namely the electric car. These cars are now available in the market. They do not use petroleum, have simpler mechanical systems, do not pollute (noise and air) the environment and are cheap to run. If you own one, you will save thousands of shillings every month. You will be richer and perhaps happier.
If you analyze how most people use their cars, there is a section of the population that use them minimally. They drive it to their place of work, pack it and only use it again in the evening to go home. Since this car only requires to be charged using electric power, Its easy to organize for this battery charging at home and at the place of work. Of course this is cheaper than using petroleum.
As you consider buying your next car, explore the option of buying an electric car. Save the recurrent costs of petroleum, and promote a clean and healthy environment.
For more information on the benefits of owning an electric car, read this link

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