International Day of museums – 18th May

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

This is a day set aside to cerebrate our heritage. Heritage comprises of our natural world, cultural art, music, oral traditions and literature. Our heritage is unique and very valuable for the well being of all people in the world. Planet earth is our common heritage and all of us have a responsibility to care for and conserve it.
Museums play a crucial role in preservation and creating awareness of our heritage and are therefore worth visiting. The National Museums of Kenya is a major repository of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage.
Other organizations such a the Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation (CPMHF) have established community peace museums in various places.
Suggested activities

  • Document the heritage available in your surroundings.
  • Visit the museums for more insights about our heritage.
  • Invite the village elders and discuss what aspects of our heritage have changed.
  • Establish a” museum” in your school or within the local area
  • Create posters, songs, drama, debates and poems to tell more about your rich cultural and natural heritage.
  • Discuss what needs to be done to safeguard our heritage and implement the feasible suggestions.
  • Write an essay or summarized notes on how you cerebrated the international day of museums. Publicize your success on this blog.

For further Information, contact:
National museums of Kenya
Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation (CPMHF)

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