Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

The garbage truck zoomed past

Leaving behind a trail of dust

Fragments of light waste flew

Out of the truck’s open cage

Landing on the pavement,

Happy to be free again

The street sweeper was startled.

The patch he had just cleaned spotless

Was now messed with fresh litter

He glared at the garbage boy swinging

Joyfully behind the truck

He was met by a scornful grin

And a hand gesture anything but kind

The hand returned to the rails

And both feet swung freely in the air

The truck railed on

And with it the garbage boy and his amusement.

The sweeper leaned on his long broom with gloom

Beleaguered by the folly of one meant to be a comrade

He wished he owned a better gadget

To capture that humiliating moment

As video or photo

When flying trash hit his ego harder than the pavement

Maybe the environmental watchdog would care

But in the meantime,

All he had was more yards to clean.

And a dream

That one day, very soon

The dignity for his noble profession would be restored.

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