Earth Day – 22nd April

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

The first  major celebration was held on 22nd April 1970 by more than 20 million United States of America citizens. The day marks a global  appeal for international cooperation  to address  environment  problems such as  ozone  layer depletion, toxic  wastes, green house effect,  shrinking forests, ground water contamination and expanding  deserts. The day is  guided  by a philosophy ‘Think global , act locally’. The  day provides an opportunity for individuals or organizations to be more involved in developing local projects that fit well with the global concerns. The motivation  is to make the earth  a better planet to live on.
The theme for Earth Day 2014 is “Green cities”. Over the years, there has been an increased migration of population to urban areas. Global projections depict that this trend will continue. These people need to be catered for in terms of provision of energy, food, water, sanitation and other amenities. With the challenge of climate change, other urban challenges such as flooding, diseases are becoming a reality. Hence the Earth Day theme tasks us to think of ways to build sustainable cities. The three pillars of sustainable development i.e. economic. social and environmental aspects have to be proactively considered.
Suggested activities

  • Initiate activities  such as cleaning  the environment, waste recycling , removing  invasive  species of plants  from the farms  and wetlands.
  • Start a project to make people appreciate the beauty of the  environment  such as  bird watching, tree planting, wildlife club  environment  club etc
  • Visit places  such as  the museum, national park, arboretum, botanic garden  or local natural site and observe how organism (plants  and animals) interact  with  each other. Discuss what you see with your friends.
  • Identify local  activities  that  impact negatively  on the environment. Discuss  how the problems  came  into existence  and why they continue  to exist. Implement  activities  to conserve the local  environment
  • Initiate projects that  address  the use  of clean energy, energy saving cookstoves (jikos), solar  energy, energy from solid wastes etc.
  • Write  an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the earth day. Publicize your success on this blog.

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Earth Day:
Ministry of Environment, Water & Natural  Resources – Kenya

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