Regulating air pollution emissions into the environment

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

air pollution
Kenyans are exposed to the risk of air pollution from stationery and mobile sources. In 2015, the Government of Kenya gazetted the Air Quality Regulations which are aimed at protecting the citizens from exposure to air pollution. The regulations gives the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) a major role in regulating air pollution. These roles include the following
1. Receive applications for emission licenses from all institutions and equipment releasing gaseous emissions
2. Consult lead agencies and other organizations before making decisions on issuance of emission licenses
3. Issue emission licenses
4. Cancel emission licenses
5. May establish additional procedures for the application and grant of any license
6. Impose such conditions as NEMA may deem appropriate.
7. Maintain a register of all emission licenses issued under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) Cap 387
8. Allow the members of the public to inspect the emission license register after payment of prescribed fee
These roles make NEMA a critical institution in air quality management. NEMA has all the powers to ensure that no pollution occurs in Kenya. Hence if you are an air polluter, you are on notice, NEMA inspectors are out there and will catch up with you.
Government of Kenya (2015) Environmental Management and Coordination Act Cap 387. Government Printers, Nairobi

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