Precious blood

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

Before birth of Jesus, blood of livestock was used as remission for sins
Blood was poured every day, many livestock were slaughtered
After resurrection of Christ, it is His blood that washes our sins
The blood protects us
In early times, blood was pasted on doors of Israelites
The angel of death bypassed the homes of Israelites
While he killed the sons in Egyptian homes, since they lacked the blood
We are sealed with the blood of Christ
Unlike the Israelites who left the blood on their door posts when they left
We go with the blood of Christ wherever we go
It’s a permanent seal in us, alive all the time
Those in Christ give testimony on what God has done
They overcame by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony (Revelation 12:11)
God is able to guide and to protect
We claim protection of the blood of Christ
Devil fears the power of the blood of Christ
When Jesus died, he took the keys of hade and opened all doors
Now those in Christ are free indeed
For one to be secured by the blood, he must be washed by it
Walk in Godly ways, doing what He wants them to do
They give the right testimony, glorifying God in all they do

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