International Day Of Families-15th May

Written by
Dr Ayub Macharia

This day was set aside by the United Nations (UN) in 1993 to reflect on the importance of the family (nuclear and extended) as the foundation upon which moral and social development of individual human being depends. The date has its origins in 1989 when the UN proclaimed 1994 as the International year of the Family. This was aimed at increasing awareness of family issues and improvement of the capability of nations to develop comprehensive polices to tackle family related problems.
Today families are battling with challenges such as poverty, diseases, domestic violence, divorce, child labour and alien values. A secure family environment fosters virtues such as love, compassion and self discipline. Collapse of family life is suspected to contribute to increase in violence, lack of good morals, high alcohol and drug addiction and mental ill health. The day is an appeal to people to recognize and appreciate the intrinsic value of the fullness of family life.
Suggested activities

  1. Parents and teachers can have a fun day with their children at places such as the school compound, nearby beautiful sites, museum and the national park.
  2. Invite a professional counselor to share with student and community members about family life issues.
  3. Invite an elder to discuss how the indigenous people used to manage family life issues in the past.
  4. Have a discussion with the youth on the type of family life they would prefer. Discussion how this ideal could be realized at the local context.
  5. Compose poems, songs and drama on family life. Organize an art competition to explore people’s perceptions of family issues.
  6. Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the family day. Publicise your success on this blog.

For Further Information, Contact:
Ministry for Sports Culture and the Arts – Kenya

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