Get yourself a share of the 14 billion pencils market, and help clean the environment

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Dr Ayub Macharia

I am sure you have not forgotten your youthful years when you were in lower formative classes. In particular, can you recall what you used to write with? I mean, the pencil? Many of the lower classes are compelled to use pencils in writing. The higher classes and adults out of school also use pencils to draw and write in some instances.
With the users mentioned above, consider the size of the market for pencils. Globally, more than 14 billion pencils are used every year. This is therefore a good business opportunity.
Consider what makes a pencil. The common raw materials are wood and graphite rod at the centre. Consider the number of trees cut to make the pencils. Many trees indeed are used and this could lead to deforestation. If the rate of deforestation exceeds replenishing, this could lead to environmental degradation and will make us lose all the unique benefits we get from trees.
Hence the need to look for alternatives that promote sustainable development. Technology exists that makes use of solid waste such as old newspapers to make pencils. Besides newspapers, other paper related waste could be used. Pencils made from waste paper are commonly referred to as eco-pencils.
Hence a business opportunity exists. Those with a millionaire mindset can see that there is a lot of waste paper left to rot in our environment, making it dirty, blocking our drains and creating habitats for disease causing organisms such as rats, cockroaches, flies and worms. Help to clean our environment by making sure no waste paper gets into the environment, but is used to improve our livelihood. Help the government to save foreign exchange through avoidance of importing pencils while we have plenty of raw materials in our environment.
Some entrepreneurs collect the old waste paper and using cheap machinery make eco-pencils. In their own words, demand for pencils locally and regionally is huge. With a millionaire mindset, why not tap into this gap.
For more information see a video on how to make eco-pencils here

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