Africa Industrialization Day

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Dr Ayub Macharia

Africa Industrialization Day is celebrated every 20th November. The date was declared by the United Nations in 1990 in response to under – industrialization in Africa. It aims at mobilizing commitment of political leaders, decision makers, business community, consumers and the international community to appreciate the role of industrialization in increasing economic growth. In most developing countries, development of sustainable agriculture based industries such as food processing, leather, textile, wood and metal working industries, local cottage and handcrafts have been proved to contribute to higher rural incomes, increased agriculture production and improved food self sufficiency .

Although poverty eradication is a key concern in advocating for industrialization, environmental concerns need to be given greater attention. Industries are known to cause air, water and land pollution. Some industrial accidents can lead to radiation exposure that can affect many people and for many generations.

Suggested activities

  • Visit an industry or a local farm that produces agricultural products for industrial use and request for a guided our in the premises. Establish how they address environmental issues in their activities .
  • Identify the raw materials produced locally for industrial use
  • Collect litter around your locality . Identify the industries that are responsible for producing the materials you have collected . What advice can you give to the respective industries to address the problems of waste disposal? Give the industries the advice.
  • Initiate a project to promote reduction, reuse and recycling of the solid waste materials collected from the school and the locality .
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated the Africa industrialization day . Publicise your success on this blog.

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