National Tree planting Day

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Dr Ayub Macharia

tree planting
In Kenya, the national tree planting day is set aside in April or May. The activities are not restricted to a specific date but are confined within the long rains season in April –May. The national tree planting season is usually launched by the Minister for Environment, Water & Natural Resources. People throughout the country can pick on a day and call it a tree planting day.
The tree planting season is a time for the government to remind its citizens of the need to plant, protect and manage trees. This is aimed at increasing the area covered by trees countrywide. Kenya has a tree cover of 7% but also loses many hectares of forest reserves per year.
About 90% of rural energy in Kenya comes from fuel wood (firewood and charcoal). Trees also provide herbal medicine, fruits, control soil erosion, break wind speed, provide timber, protect water catchments areas, clean the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breath.
Suggested activities

  • Organize tree planting activities at school and within the community.
  • Find out the alternative energy sources available to the community. Promote their use to save forests.
  • Visit the nearest forest station and organize for the forest officer to give a talk on forest.
  • Compose songs, dances and drama on trees and forests.
  • Develop posters to show benefits from forests and threats to them. Distribute them widely.
  • Have a debate session to discuss the importance of trees and forests.
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you cerebrated the national tree planting season. Publicize your notes and pictures on this blog.

For further Information, contact:
Ministry of environment, Water & Natural resources and wildlife
Kenya Forest Service
Green Belt Movement

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