Mashujaa Day

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Dr Ayub Macharia

Mashujaa Day is marked every 20th October. This is a day named in honour of the first president of the Republic of Kenya and other freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves for the country to attain her independence. It marks the anniversary when President Jomo Kenyatta and other nationalists were arrested on 20th October 1952 and a state of emergency declared during the struggle for independence. The day is dedicated to the spirit of sacrifice for this country which was expressed by our nationalists. The Kenyan community is encouraged to sacrifice themselves for good visions to safeguard their country , its people and the environment .

Suggested activities

  • Attend the national celebrations in your local area.
  • Invite elderly people to give a talk on how the environment was during the struggle for independence.
  • Discuss in groups the environment problems affecting this country.
  • Plant trees and cleanup the environment to mark this day.
  • Organize cleanliness, best practices and environment competitions and give prizes.
  • Compose songs, poems, drama and dances about the need to safeguard our environment.
  • Identify some local people who have made outstanding contribution in improvement of the local environment. Appreciate them.
  • Look for readings from the Bible, Quran or the religious books on people who sacrificed themselves for a worthwhile course. What lessons can we learn from them?
  • Identify the struggles and sacrifices that we can make to safeguard our environment.
  • Suggest and implement activities to improve the local environment.
  • Write an essay or summary notes on how you celebrated Mashujaa day. Publicize your success on this blog.

For further Information, contact

Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government (

County Commissioner

The local administrators such as the Sub-County Commissioner, Chief, Sub-Chief

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