Environmental law Q & A

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This Application explores the Environmental Legislative process including Multilateral Environmental Agreements. It also navigates through The Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) CAP 387 in Kenya and other related laws such as the Climate Change Act (2016) in an easy to understand format.

Using questions and answers, the App is meant to help you appreciate how environmental aspects have been legislated globally and in Kenya.

The legislative process for environmental issues is complex. Environmental issues traverse beyond international borders necessitating international collaboration through agreements and protocols and domestication of the same using national legislation.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides for the right to every Kenyan to a clean and healthy environment. The EMCA CAP 387 was first developed in 1999 and later revised in 2015 to align it to the constitution. EMCA CAP 387 provides the legal framework for environmental governance in Kenya.
The App is organized into themes for ease of navigation. Choose the theme that is of interest to you and learn more.